ProTiles - Cream- Double Injection Moulded Tournament Tiles

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Tournament quality tiles. Made from double injection moulded plastic with a hollow back. The newest improvement to the most durable tiles made yet! These Protiles are pleasing to the touch and have a textured finish guaranteed not to reflect the glare of overhead lighting at any angle.

Protiles History

Once upon a time... or in 1986, Protiles were introduced into tournaments, play by Bob Schoenman, an expert-level player. Prior to 1986, wooden tiles from original sets were used. Many players complained about the indented letters on these wooden tiles, finding them easily "brailled" inside the tile bag.

Protiles, made from plastic, uniform in size and shape, with letters/numbers silk-screened atop, instead of indented into the surface of the tiles, were the answer.

Favoured for major tournaments, more than 30,000 sets of Protiles have now been sold to players all over the world.